Anne Frank: 1st Place – Arlene Samayoa-Rodas, Milton Hershey School

Can you imagine hiding in a small room with seven other people for two years? Well, if you believe it or not, Anne Frank did what you probably couldn’t imagine.

Anne Frank was brave in so many ways. She was brave because when she was in hiding from the Nazis she had to live every day knowing the Nazis could find her. She lived every day worrying, hoping if she could ever go to school again, if she could ever see her friends or even her cat. I feel that sometimes we take our freedom for granted. Every day we think that we will be free for ever but the reality is that it might not be this way for ever.

A specific experience that inspired me was when Anne Frank was in hiding. That experience inspired me because she didn’t have all the things that we have today while she was in hiding, including freedom. She wished she could go to school. She missed everything she had before her family went into hiding. We should be thankful, not only thankful but appreciate the freedom we have today.

Anne Frank’s journey begins as a young typical teen aged girl. Anne loved to go to school, socialize with her family, and even play with her cat just like any other teen aged girl. Suddenly, that all ended. On July 6, 1942 The Frank Family went into hiding. What caused the Franks to go into hiding was the Nazis were starting to kill Jews and send them to concentration camps. The Franks were scared of the Nazis. Their lives were at risk. The Jews weren’t doing anything wrong, they were just living their lives just as the Germans were. It only took Hitler’s hatred for the Jews to ruin their lives. The Franks did everything they could to stay safe. Since Jews weren’t allowed to own businesses, Anne’s father Otto Frank had to give up his business to four trusted employees. They knew about their hiding spot and they knew the terrible consequences of helping the Jews. Otto’s family and four other Jews hid. The hid in the attic of Otto’s workplace. The called it the “Secret Annex”.

Anne Frank’s life changed just overnight. She couldn’t go outside or open the window for fresh air. She couldn’t even look out the window or else people might discover where they were hiding and report it to the Nazis. Anne Frank had lost all her freedom in that very night.

Anne Frank had gotten a diary for her previous birthday before they went into hiding. While her time in hiding she wrote her experiences and her feelings in the diary. Anne called her diary “Kitty”. She told Kitty everything “When I write I can shake off all my cares” she had told Kitty before. “My sorrows disappear.”

Two years later, on August 4th, 1944, The Nazis discovered the Secret Annex. The people in the Secret Annex all got sent to concentration camps which was Anne’s family and four other Jews. In March 1945 Anne and her sister Margot had died of an illness. Only Otto Frank had survived the concentration camp out of the other seven in the Secret Annex. In 1947, Otto Frank published a little bit of Anne’s diary in the Netherlands. In 1952 Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl was published in the United States. Also, in 1955 The Diary of Anne Frank was performed as a play and in 1959 the Diary of Anne Frank was made into a movie. In 1960, The Anne Frank house was opened. The movie Anne Frank was aired on TV in 2001. Anne Frank became famous not because she wanted to, but because of her experience.

Anne Frank was a really brave young lady. My personal connection with Anne Frank is that when she went through her hard times she was about my age. Another personal connection I have with Anne Frank is that we both like to journal. Anne Frank liked to write about how she felt, or all her hopes and dreams. I do the same today which makes us similar. She also cared for her family which is another personal connection I have with Anne Frank.

Anne Frank is a legacy today. There are many young ladies like Anne Frank today but never really faced the same experience Anne Frank did. One of the examples is Malala. She fought for her rights and she is loved today. Imagine if she never fought for her rights, how would it be different?

My life would be different without these brave girls today because I wouldn’t have anybody to look up to or I wouldn’t have any inspiration today. They inspire me to be me and stand up for what I believe in. One of the quotes Anne frank said was “I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even the people I never met,” she is useful today because in schools children can learn about Anne Frank’s experience and how important she was and how important the Holocaust was to our history.

Another quote Anne Frank said was” I’m longing- really longing- for everything: conversation, freedom friends, being alone,” This wish was never granted when she was living but today it was granted even though she couldn’t see the freedom we have today. We should be thankful and grateful for the freedom we have today.

In conclusion, Anne Frank was an amazing lady that is important to us and our history.


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