Hudson’s Last Voyage 2nd Place – Ava Meyer, Southeast Elementary School

We all know that Henry Hudson was an explorer,
but on his way he found much horror.
A passage to Asia was one of his goals,
as long as he had his ship under control.
In 1610 he left his home in England
To explore the freezing seas of Greenland.
He crossed the Atlantic in his ship called Discovery.
His crew full of sailors were prepped and ready.
But the harsh, cold Winter was on its way.
The air became cool and the sky became grey.
No one knew they were going to have so much trouble.
They didn’t think this journey would be such a struggle.

They were stranded on ice that covered the bay.
All they could do was look up and pray.
Their supplies were very quickly diminishing.
They all thought that surely this was their finishing.
The scared and freezing crew started to become angry
Because the food was scarce, and they were hungry.
Hudson only fed his favorite men.
The others begged over and over again.
They all thought that they should be treated the same,
And Henry Hudson was the only one to blame.
The furious men came up with a plan.
They would make sure that Hudson was banned.

They could now say goodbye to the cold, icy storm.
The weather was changing and starting to get warm.
They could finally return to their trek out to sea,
But Hudson’s crew was still not filled with glee.
The enraged and bitter men overthrew Henry’s reign.
They would no longer allow Hudson to rule in vain.
The crew had decided on their plot.
None of them cared how Henry would rot.
They threw him in a small, little boat,
And they watched as Hudson went afloat.
Not a single person knows where Henry’s body may lay,
But maybe it rests in the Hudson Bay.


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