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A Gift for a New Bride

by Valerie Seiber Catherine Sweeney Hershey, c.1910 (Courtesy Hershey Community Archives) May 25th marks an important anniversary in the lives of Milton and Catherine Hershey – their wedding day. The couple met in 1897 at A.D. Work’s Confectionery shop in Jamestown, New York.  Mr. Hershey was there tending to business matters for the Lancaster Caramel … Continue reading A Gift for a New Bride

No Small Task

by Valerie Seiber 3,000 pound stones are replaced into a mixing machine after being moved It’s been a few months since our last blog post so I wanted to update our readers as to what the collections staff has been up to lately. Many museums have large collections that are stored off-site and The Hershey … Continue reading No Small Task